About Us

Star iGlobal Automotive Pvt Ltd envisages green field integrated plant for the production of Electric Vehicles  such as E Rickshaw which are very popular in India for last mile connectivity now a day and also for zero emission. We will also manufacture the chargers and grid for the same starting from MP and later in other regions.
In the next phase we will add the manufacturing of Lithium Ion Batteries also. In India, electric 3-wheelers have been partly successful, however not much diffusion of electric vehicles has happened within 2-wheelers, 4 wheelers and city bus fleets. Techno-economic assessments however show that electric two wheelers can become commercially viable by 2020 itself and electric four wheelers can be a major technology option by 2030, if the government provides incentives and the infrastructures for charging are available. A strong climate policy also advances the cause of electric vehicles.


At  Star iGlobal we believe in a broader Vision towards Excellence and  accepting no limits . Our approach and execution is very aggressive and Demanding but our outlook is very simple and humble. Belief in the old adage of ‘You are only as good as your team’ motives us to recruit and nurture quality manpower. Accordingly we believe that people will definitely succeed if given the opportunity and motivated to work with good governance, ethics, passion, integrity and responsibility.

  1. Six P’s. People, Partners, Productivity, Portfolio, Planet, Profit.
  2. Execution Matters the Most
  3. Learn. Educate. Innovate.
  4. Quality focus and individual growth
  5. Every client. Every time. No exceptions. No excuses.
  6. Continuous Improvement

Objective and Strategy

Since EV Technology is nascent and everyone is still in the learning phase, there is a good scope for Research and development and making a high quality product which will be better than the competitors. Since most common complaints about EVs are limited range, slow charging time, battery replacement after 4–5 years etc., the one who gives solutions to these common problems will be a winner in the long run.
If we have talented people especially in Electrical, Electronics, Software and control engineering then we have a good starting point. By doing some prototypes, we can pull in investors to fund our ideas like many other startups in EV are doing.


Beginning with the commercial, people mover i.e. the passenger segment we would like to graduate to transport before finally moving into the private sector transport.
We Aim to start production of our L5 Auto early next year with a ramp up in production to sustain 500 units a month.


Our vision is to build vehicles that are not only sustainable but also “Humane”. Focused on the EV platform, our vehicles will be built with people as priority using strong technology and cutting edge innovation.
Design Thinking will be the fundamental part of our Vision and it will not only help STAR stand apart from the competition but also maintain the lead in the market
We understand that the business value cannot be attained only through technology. The experts at
Star iGlobal are working together to achieve the business objectives and attain quality growth.
We focus 6 P’s
People – Gives the best work environment where they are inspired to be the best they are.
Portfolio – Having a hold in 15 verticals and is expanding day-by-day.
Partners – Has strong network with satisfied customers, channel partners and investors.
Planet – Along with empowerment, we nurture society, through NGO and nature by using eco-friendly methods.
Profit – Maximize the revenues year-by-year and adding more people and stakeholders to our chain.
Productivity – Delivers the best products and services to customers


Our strength lies in our simple and down to earth approach towards focusing on the requirements of our partners and customers and working tirelessly towards satisfying and delighting them.
Network – we have a presence in 4 states including the national capital territory.
Geographical reach- our presence in the urban, semi urban and rural areas has enabled us to provide  customised first hand service to our client base.
Strong Financials- with the style of simple and lean management and own finance companies the group enjoys good liquidity.
Local hands, global thinking- our vast network is staffed with locals with thorough knowledge and personal network to approach, identify, engage and service the customers.
Relationship- with longstanding and respectable overall and local presence in addition to the  personal connections maintained by the senior management our relationships in our areas of operation is very strong.
Our team- With dedicated and delegated staff with years of experience Star Group has one of the best work force in the Industry.
Professional environment- with corporate culture, good governance and focus towards team building with ethical, fair and honest communication our work environment is productive as well as satisfactory.

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